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Latest Post:

[5.8.1] May 3rd, 2019

Fixed the title on the tab entrance plus changed it around a little.

Changed Nav Bar to be less reliant on CSS and on slightly older HTML standards so it runs on more browsers.

Fixed some errors under the hood and cleaned code because of my OCD and Boredom.

[5.8.0] March 27th, 2019

Made a new nav bar for the site! Much more responsive now.

Nav bar is now mobile friendly.

[5.7.0] March 4th, 2019

New "Photography" page showcasing my decent ability to take photos.

Fixed a few things under the hood.

[5.6.1] February 15th, 2019

New 88x31 button. Cool. It looks like this:

[5.6.0] February 15th, 2019

New title bar!

The site name is now just Kiddo 9000.

Added spacers to the nav bar to seperate items and improve readability.

New RAVE page! Just mind the flashing lights.

Fixed incorrect year on the footer. Should be 2019 now instead of 2018.

[5.5.1] February 11th, 2019

General Site Fixes

[5.5.0] January 11th, 2019

Thank you for everyone who has come along for the ride! We just hit our 2nd birthday on the site! I'm sorry for posting this and the update late as i got caught up in december with Christmas and all.

Fixed the header on About and Other Sites displaying "Home" instead of the page's name.

Changed the Nav bar to a full text version to speed up loading times even more. Anyone who still has problems loading the site quickly should run a speed test on their netowork or check to see if Neocities is having issues with the site.

Optimized the site a little more for better loading times. Contact me if there are issues on my Neocities page, Here! (Right-Click the link and select "Open in new tab" to keep this page open.)

Removed the "Software/Games" page as their was no use for it at the moment. Again, Better loading times as the page refrences dont need to be loaded into memory from the server.

[5.4.1] Novenber 30th, 2018

Added some spaces between paragraphs in the news page thing.

More code changes.

[5.4.0] Novenber 30th, 2018

Added a footer. This footer is global and needs Iframes to work correctly. if Iframes are not supported in your browser, a basic version will be displayed instead.

General Fixes

[5.3.3] Novenber 13th, 2018

Fixed some incorrect version numbers in the Version 2.0.0 changelogs in the News page.

Found some grammar errors and corrected them.

[5.3.2] Novenber 13th, 2018

CSS updates and improvments.

DIV class updates. Some DIV's have their style information in main.css now.

[5.3.1] Novenber 13th, 2018

General code improvments.

Code cleanup here and there.

Slight optimisations here and there.

[5.3.0] Novenber 13th, 2018

Navbar has been reverted back to the previous design but i have kept the image buttons cus they're cool.

Website should now look just fine on mobile devices. i have got everything set up and good to go.

I still need to clean out some code and tidy up the site from all of those changes. The visual appearence of the site should not change. if it does, remain calm. I should get it fixed by the next day.

New fancy scrollbar. It's on the side. Check it out. It's cool. (i guess)

[5.2.0] Novenber 12th, 2018

New Navbar on the site. it's red. My fav color.

The images used on it may not be there forever. Idk.

I'm working on a Responsive title for mobile. I am also going to (soonTM) add a responsive text-based title to the site so it does not go off-screen on mobile devices.

[5.1.0] Novenber 11th, 2018

New background. GIF's are cool so i made one as my background on the site.

It's the 11th of November. The day those that were in the war were honured for their work in making many countries around the world (Canada, USA, EU, United Kingdom) free and existant. Please take a moment of silence at 11:00 AM today to honur those who died in the war for us.

[5.0.1] Novenber 6th, 2018

New Favicon for the site! I actually took some time to make a favicon!

General code improvments and under-the-hood stuff.

[5.0.0] Novenber 6th, 2018

So the "modern" theme was a filler for the real new theme, which is a retro-themed design that i made which mocks Gwta's site.

New color scheme. It's red, white & black now instead of grey's.

Much more backwards compatibility now. Mobile devices should show the site normally. Old browsers should also have no problems displaying the site.

[4.1.1] Novenber 5th, 2018

The site has been officially renamed to Kiddo 9000's Den!

More general changes and fixes. Expect more of these for the next few days.

[4.1.0] November 5th, 2018

Website 4.0 update is now complete!

The E-Museum is now open!

I'm working on the Home page.

[4.0.0] November 5th, 2018

Website has actually been finished now.

New design AGAIN!!! (Ver 4.0)

I decided to update my content for once.

E-Musuem is coming!! (Along with my horrible photoshopped content)

I'm not going to abandon this site. I was taking a break from it ok?

[3.0.0] January 10th, 2018

NEW THEME!!!! That's right! A new theme for a new year! How was your year? Let us know in the comments! (That is if you are not lasy enough...)

EDIT: It's Guestbook not comments! i'm very dumb...

[2.4.1] December 2nd, 2017

We are turning 1!!!!!

Yep... you heard it here! On december 2nd, 2017, We turned 1 year old! Thanks to everyone who has seen this site and supprted it! This is the first time i have had a site this old! Thanks to everyone including the viewer, yes you for coming to this site for a year!

ACHIVEMENT GET: Waste a year of you life making a website

[2.4.0] October 16th, 2017

The search bar has been replaced with a translator as just manually translating into french and other languages. I just cheated instead.

There is a blog now! At least a half-completed blog...

No more updates happening here!

[2.3.0] September 29th, 2017

The major renovation is Complete!! The new CSS and code been implimented into the site! This is a HUGE accomplishment for me and the site! Thank you all for the support on helping me grow!!! Lookout for new updates around the cornor!

[2.2.1] September 22nd, 2017

The site now has a text scroll warning users of an upcoming update that will change alot of things.

The major update will include a french version.

[2.2.0] February 23rd, 2017

Site will be undergoing more maitence again.

Trying to get back to working on the site! Completely forgot about it!

[2.1.0] January 26th, 2017

Site renovation finished today!

Software page is being added to the site!

[2.0.0] January 25th, 2017

CSS not working has been fixed.

New site style along with new theme color to go with it!

[1.0.1] January 23rd, 2017

CSS Fix now in place. CSS is now stored on the server instead of a remote server.

New game avalble in 10 days.

[1.0.0] January 22th, 2017

CSS fix comng soon.